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Harmony Validator Node Shutdown

Due to the Horizon Bridge incident, and on-going unelected status, the Lil Green LLC validator node has been shut down on the Harmony blockchain. The hardware used to run the node will be repurposed as a proof-of-work (PoW) mining rig. We will be exploring new opportunities into smart contract enabled blockchains in the mean time.

If you wish to read more on the Horizon Bridge incident that occurred on Harmony, you can do so here on Rekt. The Lil Green LLC takes security very seriously and practices appropriate risk management. All of our keys are stored in a secure location that uses a multitude of systems to ensure all vectors are defended. This includes storing keys with titanium analog backups while using a Ledger hardware wallet when interacting with the blockchain.

We highly encourage anyone willing to take crypto keys into their own custody to use a form of hardware storage. This will help keep your keys safe and prevent malicious actors from stealing your seed phrase. It is also imperative to review security practices periodically to ensure that it meets current standards. Please join us in our Discord if you wish to continue the conversation.

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